Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Review

Just cause 3 is rated 75/100 by Metacritic. This game has mixed reviews, mostly due to the repetitive gameplay and performance problems on consoles. It is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Here is our Just Cause 3 review. You can read about the game’s pros and cons below. If you are considering purchasing it, consider reading this review. Otherwise, you may be disappointed. We hope you enjoy this action game.

Sky Fortress is the first expansion for just cause 3

The first Just Cause 3 expansion, Sky Fortress, adds new gameplay to the game, including a rocket powered wingsuit that Rico can use to fly. During the core game, the wingsuit was the most appealing feature, but the addition of new upgrades may take away from the core gameplay. In addition, players will be able to use both wingsuits during the campaign, which could become unsatisfying for some.

The Sky Fortress DLC pack adds new missions and weapons to the game. This DLC is part of the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion pass, and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in March. The expansion’s creators say that it’s a chance to enhance the existing game, while adding new content to make it a more compelling experience.

Mech Land Assault is not here to make friends

While Mech Land Assault’s expanded gameplay is nice, it often gets beat down by the game’s difficulty. The game’s difficulty level is often too high and takes away some of the simple pleasures of Just Cause 3. Instead of exploding enemies and hopping around, players are forced to hide and constantly reload. Instead of explosive whimsy, the game becomes an intense battle for survival.

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While Mech Land Assault does introduce a new land vehicle and an additional island, the game has two missions that are just too easy to complete. During the first mission, the player has to free prisoners and hold down a base. The other missions are equally easy to complete but are not very challenging. While some missions are fun and a bit challenging, they quickly become repetitive. The combat is inconsistent, and the mechs have no ability to take down eDEN Corporation logos.

Mech Land Assault is the second downloadable content pack for Just Cause 3. It represents the land portion of the Air, Sea, and Mech expansion pass. The game is 4.4GB on Steam and adds a new island group called Insula Lacrima. The Black Hand have captured this new island group, which Rico must free from them. In addition, this new DLC includes a new faction called the Black Hand.

Mechs are incredibly destructive, but the gameplay is not overly difficult. The game’s mechs can take out ground troops and vehicles at a range of fifty yards. In addition, they can pick up objects and throw them. While mechs are pretty destructive, the game does draw a lot of heat from authorities. A mech is still more powerful than a human, so it makes sense to be careful with your mechs.

Mech Land Assault is not as good as its predecessor

Mech Land Assault adds a new land-based vehicle and a new island for you to conquer, but it lacks the challenges of the predecessor. The missions, which involve freeing prisoners and holding down enemy bases, are a bit boring. While they are enjoyable, they lack the challenge that made the previous title so popular. I turned the game off after completing the first mission.

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