Pool Nation FX Review

Pool Nation FX Review

In this Pool Nation fx review, I’ll talk about the controls, the AI, and the counterintuitive menu layout. The game’s graphics are crisp, and the animations are realistic. The lite version is free to download and play, but only offers a limited number of tourney spots. The paid version adds offline play, more tourney spots, and extra item unlockables. I’ll also share my first impressions of the game’s AI.

Controls are easy to learn but difficult to master

Despite the AI’s pinpoint accuracy, the controls are hard to master in this pool game. You can’t rely on crowd chatter or fictional commentary to motivate you and make the game more fun. Rather, a repetitive loop of four or five tracks is all you need to motivate yourself. And while the pools themselves are beautiful, you can’t make your opponents go crazy in every shot.

The graphics and gameplay of Pool Nation FX are impressive, but it lacks character. The game’s 12GB download mainly went to graphics. The game’s lack of a character could have attracted more attention to pool as a sport. The controls are easy to pick up but difficult to master, which is unfortunate. You should at least consider this game if you’re a fan of this genre.

Another game with good physics is Kick & Fennick. Kick meets a flying robot named Fennick and saves him from the robot’s guard. After that, you must find a new energy core for Fennick. Pool Nation FX offers the best pool simulation on Xbox One. With photo-realistic graphics and pixel-perfect physics, this game is the ultimate pool simulator.

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Menu layout is counterintuitive

Although Pool Nation FX’s graphics and tables are stunning, the menu layout is a bit of a disappointment. Instead of letting you choose your play options, the game defaults to the tile layout. This is counterproductive because the game’s goal is to help you achieve high scores in the most efficient way. The menu also has no play option, meaning you must start the game over if you want to practice.

If you have ever tried to play one of the free Games with Gold titles on Xbox One, you will know that the menus aren’t always the most intuitive. There’s no reason to spend time learning how to use them when a lacklustre game exists. If this has been the case with Pool Nation FX, you might want to think twice. This game is a sequel to the 2012 game, which was also released for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. While Pool Nation FX’s graphics were sharper than its predecessor, it took a step back in almost every aspect.

Achievements don’t unlock

You’ll be able to find your game’s achievements menu by tapping the “Achievements” tab, but you’ll soon realize that half of the available achievements don’t unlock. That’s a shame, because I expected to earn a lot of gold coins by playing Endurance, so it’s no wonder that I’m not getting as much out of this game as I’d hoped.

Despite being a decent game overall, Pool Nation FX is filled with bugs. Players must play at least six qualifying matches in order to enter tournaments, and the AI is ridiculously unreliable, randomly putting players of different skill levels against each other. So you can’t unlock achievements until you’ve beaten all the qualifying matches in a row. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved in a future update.

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The main downside to this game is that you can’t unlock achievements. Thankfully, you’re able to earn more cash offline than in the game. This means you can buy better equipment and other cool pool accessories. But if you don’t care for online multiplayer, you can play Pool Nation FX offline to earn cash and unlock modes. As long as you’re willing to spend a few dollars, you’ll find it an excellent game. It’s worth playing if you’re an avid pool player.

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