Save Halloween: City of Witches Game Review

Save Halloween: City of Witches Game Review

SteamSave Halloween: City of Witches is a strategy game developed by Yggdrasil. Originally released on PC, the game was updated to include support for Steam trading cards on 10 May 2016. There are currently 11 available, with six offered randomly for play and purchase. Here are the game’s key features. You can learn about the Walkthrough, Manual review, and Trading card support. Then, you can buy and play cards with your friends!


A walkthrough for Save Halloween: City of Witches can help you complete the game without getting stuck. This match 3 game features more than 100 levels and 9 different locations. You must complete all the levels in order to save Halloween! Thankfully, there are no spoilers and you can simply ask for a walkthrough in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can contact the developer of the game for more information.

Manual review

Save Halloween: City of Witches is a solid match-3 game that takes its thematic elements and executes them well. Players must save Halloween by retrieving a stone from the dead, which will help them stop the evil Lucifer. The gameplay is simple, and requires matching objects and using the appropriate keys to move from one area to another. The overall experience is enjoyable, but the lack of hidden objects will leave you wanting more.

The graphics in Save Halloween: City of Witches are fantastic. Though the game is heavy on animation, the artwork is well done and the sound effects are excellent. The game offers an excellent free trial, and there are no time limits or serials included. But don’t expect to find any cheats or serials in this manual. Just make sure to read the game’s instructions carefully before diving into the game.

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Trading card support

Added on 10 May 2016, SteamSave Halloween: City of Witches now supports Steam trading cards! You can now purchase and play up to 6 of the 11 cards available. It’s a great way to get a head start on your collection! And if you’re new to trading cards, this is the perfect game to try out! There are many different ways to earn extra rewards and get new levels!

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